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Cafe’s & Restaurants
Explore the hidden treasure of traditions through the ultimate source, ‘food’. These cafes, due to its key locations, enjoy outstanding views. There are cafes on the riverside and around the lake, which is ideal for business. The cafes shall enjoy various fusions of flavors, from around the world. Both local and international cuisine can be enjoyed here.


Spas,Wellness and Outlets
Spas are ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation & hence have become a spirited part of our daily life. If it is on a holiday, or a break from a hard day’s work, we adore taking some time to spoil ourselves by getting a comforting massage or a calm bubble bath or even a yoga session. This facility is solely dedicated for that purpose. The wellness center will also lodge a gym for those who like to stay in shape. From grooming to styling, this property would be the most visited property by health enthusiasts and individuals who like spoiling themselves.


Medical Facilities
The Medical Centre at Saguramo Gardens is a specialized center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is an established collaboration with German Medical Resort Company. The Medical Centre will target patients from overseas, mainly from Europe and will form part of the European medical tourism chain. Patients will have access to the latest technologies and therapies for permanent pain relief and rehabilitation. An important advantage of the Saguramo Gardens Medical Centre is that, it will be set within a green resort environment with all facilities, where patients will have the choice of living in purpose-built villas for long period of time. The Medical Centre will have a value added service, where in bound patients can opt for caring services, provided by our in house trained staff.