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Project & Facilities

Perspectives of different types of villas, facilities & features that would be part of Saguramo Gardens

The Project

This is the English Language version of the project animation for the Dhs400 million Saguramo Gardens, a new mixed-use community being developed over an area of 35 million square feet in Saguramo, Georgia. The new city is located in the heart of Saguramo and is surrounded by historic sites, mountain ranges, nature reserve and a mere 6km from the capital, Tbilisi. The project will have 450 land plots, split into three zones featuring apartments buildings, villas and townhouses. It will offer affordable homes for 5,000 residents while including commercial and retail space.

Residential Villas

There are three type of Residential Villas. They comprise of Elegant European Style Villas, Efficient & contemporary designed Modern and Truly Georgian Style Traditional Villa

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    Selected Elevation

    Buyer may choose to construct from any of the 3 approved elevations

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    Efficient Interior Design

    Maximizing the livable space respecting the setbacks.

Commercial Villas

Own a business strategically located to maximize footfall

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    Cafes & Restaurant

    These outlets, due to its key locations, enjoy outstanding views.

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    Spa's & Wellness Centre

    Rejuvenate in a Spa facing a natural reserve where flowing river water may be heard.

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    Centrally located supermarket to meet the basic necessity.

Residential Building

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    Attractive Investment

    Avail the opportunity to develop G+3 building catering to the growing residential demand of Saguramo

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    Spectacular Views

    You may choose to construct G+3 building on the assigned plots, ensuring uninterrupted views

Water Features

Unique Water features set to be attractions

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    The Lake will attract both residence and visitors alike, for it is one of its kinds feature. It will have plethora of attractions like: the vibrant cafes, restaurants, a beautiful garden around the lake for picnics, and the perfect walk ways for jogging. It will also house a boating facility, which will again, be one of a kind attraction.

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    Swimming Pool

    A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond is a system where all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological filters and plants rooted hydroponically in the system.

Sports Facility

Play your favourite sport surrounded by unique landscape

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    Mini Golf Course

    This is an ideal sport, to enjoy a land that is surrounded with mountains.

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    Active Sports

    Football, Tennis and Basketball court to encourage healthy lifestyle for residents

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    Kids Play Area

    There are plenty of small pockets of gardens and play areas throughout the Saguramo gardens.


Medical Facility & Wedding Hall

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    Medical Facilities

    A specialized center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Patients will have access to the latest technologies and therapies for permanent pain relief and rehabilitation. With the choice of living in purpose-built villas for long period of time.

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    Wedding Hall

    Located on top of the lake, breathtaking view, is where the Wedding hall be placed. Its location, size and view make it the biggest and exquisite venue in the city.

Perspective & Progress

Near by places

Saguramo Gardens is located in the heart of Saguramo Village, 6km from Tbilisi, 10km from Mtkheta, amidst Saguramo Mountain Ranges & Tbilisi National Park


Master Development Community in the heart of Saguramo, Mtskheta Region. 6km from the capital city, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

, Mtskheta Region


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Saturday - Thursday : 9 am to 6 pm